10 Ways to Use Sea Salt for Acne

10 Ways to Use Sea Salt for Acne

Know you are wondering how to use sea salt for acne? Even some thinking that I am joking but seriously it’s true that we can use sea salt to get rid of acne. If you get original Himalayan pink salt then it’s better because it has 84 minerals which are very good for your skin but don’t worry if you can’t find Himalayan salt then you can use regular sea salt as well. We choose sea salt for treating acne because sea salt really helps to fight against the bacteria which cause a pimple, it also restores natural PH level of our skin, as it’s a natural exfoliant so it’s good, sea salt contains one of the main minerals that is zinc which regulate the oil production.

10 Ways to Use Sea Salt for Acne

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Acne is an inflammation experienced by most people’s a sometime in there life’s in both men and women. Acne formed when clogs are pores, it happens when sebaceous gland became plugged into the hair follicle then that plugged become inflamed and acne formed. As sebum is necessary for supple flexible skin but too much sebum create the oily breakouts androgen trigger sebum production. Acne sometimes painful and itchy too, Causes of acne are excessive oil production, poor hygiene, genetic, stress, dirt, pollution, diet and less intake of water.

10 ways to use sea salt for acne.

1. Sea salt with water

How to do that:

  • Take one cup of water.
  • Add one tablespoon spoon of sea salt.
  • Mix them properly.
  • Whenever you want to wash your face, wash with this mixture.
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How to make sea salt spray:

  • In a spray bottle add water.
  • Now add one tablespoon of sea salt or you can add any essential oils as well but it’s totally optional.
  • Mix it or shake it.
  • Now put it in the fridge.
  • Spray this mixture twice or trice on affected areas.

2. Sea salt scrub


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