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11 Home Remedies for Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days

Belly fat is something that is easy to put on but difficult to lose. Excess fat in the abdominal region causes discomfort in the body and weakens flexibility but more importantly, it steals of your slim body shape. The problem of excess belly fat is common among adults aged 25 and above. Although, it does not create any health problems, in severe cases belly fat could cause high blood pressure and diabetes.

11 Ways to Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days

The excess deposit of fat in the stomach tissue is caused due to eating high carb foods, lack of exercise, irregular eating, and sleep rhythms. If these pretty much define one’s lifestyle, it is likely that his or her body secretes constant hunger hormones that force the person to eat more food. Night time snacking is one of the symptoms of this poor life style. Studies show that people with belly fat also have constipation problem.

Honestly, burning belly fat takes time. But you don’t have to spend money on diet programs and pharmaceuticals to achieve it. You can follow some key health tips and home remedies to genuinely burn belly fat within 10 Days.

Here are the key things you can do at home to cut down your belly fat in 10 days and get in good shape.

1. Skipping Breakfast- not a good idea

The theory “The science behind breakfast” explains the advantages of eating breakfast. It goes through the aspects of

  • A healthy breakfast gives a signal to your body that there is more food to be eaten in the day.
  • Breakfast starts metabolism of the day and helps the body burn fat throughout the day.
  • If you skip breakfast, the body thinks that it has to conserve energy to manage the body functions and starts to ignore the fat burning process.

You can substitute your usual breakfast with some of these to help burning fat: Fruits, oatmeal, nuts, smoothies, Quinoa meal, chia seed pudding etc.

2. Eat Healthy to Reduce Belly Fat

  • Ward off sugar craving

Cut down on sugary items and drinks that contain sugar sweeteners. Consuming excess sugar will overload the liver with fructose, Hence the refined sugar is converted to fat. This fat gets accumulated in the body as belly fat.

  • Proteins diet

Include proteins in your diet. It helps you to boost metabolism and burn fat quickly. It is not only beneficial to burn stubborn belly fat but it also makes sure that you don’t regain weight.

Protein rich foods include Legumes, sea food, meat, eggs, nuts, some whole grains, milk, broccoli, and cheese.

  • Fibre rich foods

We often crave for food and eat more than what is required for our body. So the body is able to only digest a portion of the food, the rest is converted into adipose tissue which is essentially fat build up. Eating a fiber rich diet will help you stay full and stop your craving. Fibres also are beneficial in absorbing water in the body and aid the digestion process. You can easily lose belly fat by incorporating fiber rich foods in your diet.

Fibre rich foods include Broccoli, beans, legumes, Brussels sprouts, avocados, blackberries and pears

  • Proper hydration

Drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water to enhance metabolism process and lose belly fat. Use warm water to hasten weight loss process.

3. Get proper sleep

Irregular sleeping habits will make your tummy flabbier. As per scientific studies, each person has to sleep for about 6 to 7 hours to stay healthy. A good sleep also aids in the process of losing belly fat.

5. Yoga

Yoga is a natural way to lose belly fat. Some poses can specifically target the abdominal area and so are effective in burning fat in the region.

Stress is another factor that can increase belly fat, yoga helps people to balance their stress levels and relax the body. You would feel a real spike in your energy level after regular practice of yoga.

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

This asana strengthens your stomach muscles and the upper body. It gives you a flexible spine and relieves all problems related to the back. Regular practice of this asana will give you a flat and healthy stomach.


  • Lie on abdomen touching the ground and feet stretched straight.
  • Now place your palm beneath each shoulder touching the ground.
  • Inhale and lift your chest up by straightening the hands.
  • Stretch your upper body backward and gaze upwards like a cobra.
  • Maintain the posture for 10 -15 seconds.
  • Exhale and come back to the original position. Repeat this for 5 times.

Warning: Don’t do this in cases of back injury, pregnancy, ulcer, and hernia.

2. Dhanurasana (Bow pose)

Dhanurasana (Bow pose) to reduce belly fat

Practicing this pose will strengthen your digestive system and helps you to burn fat faster. This stretches the abs and the entire body.


  • Lay down on your abdomen with hands on either side of the body and legs stretched straight.
  • Exhale, Bend your knees upwards and lift your hands, hold your ankle with your hands.
  • Now inhale, lift your head and stretch your body backward as much as you can.
  • Stay for 10 – 15 seconds
  • Exhale and return to original position. Repeat 5 times.

Warning: Don’t practice this asana in cases of High or low blood pressure, back pain, migraine headaches, hernia, abdominal surgeries, pregnancy and neck injury.

3. Naukasana (boat pose)

Naukasana (boat pose) to reduce belly fat

This pose toughens the back muscles, legs and stomach muscles. It targets directly on the belly fat and burns it faster.


  • Lay down on your back, arms positioned at sides of the body and feet’s together.
  • Inhale and as you exhale lift your feet and chest from the ground. Stretch your arms straight towards your feet.
  • Feel the stretch in your abdomen area. Keep breathing easily while in the pose for 15-30 seconds.
  • Exhale and return to relaxation position.

Warning: Don’t practice this asana in cases of low blood pressure, asthma, pregnancy, heart problems, severe headache, chronic diseases or spinal disorders.

4. Pawanmuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

Pawanmuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

This asana maintains PH level balance in the stomach and facilitates good metabolism and cures problems related to the stomach. It is advantageous in toning the body muscles and reducing belly fat.


  • Lie on your back touching the ground with the arms beside the body and legs stretched straight.
  • While you exhale, lift up your head and chest from the ground
  • Now lift up your knees and head. Touch the forehead to your knees and clasp the knees with your hands.
  • Maintain the position as long as you can by taking deep breaths in and out.
  • While you inhale loosen the pressure and while you exhale come back to the ground and relax.
  • Repeat this process for 4 to 5 times.

Warning: Avoid this asana in cases of pregnancy, heart problem, slip disc, hyperacidity, high blood pressure, testicle disorder, neck and back pain, and hernia.

6. Lemon water

Lemon water increases the enzyme action in the liver, which helps the liver to burn fat efficiently. Hence the fat accumulation in the stomach is reduced.

  • You will need lemon and warm water.
  • Boil water in a vessel.
  • Squeeze out the lemon juice and add it to warm water.
  • Stir well and transfer this solution to a glass.
  • Start your day by drinking this solution on empty stomach.
  • Repeat this every day to see good results.
  • You can make this method more powerful by chewing a raw garlic clove before drinking this solution.

Note: Leave a gap of 30 minutes between the time of drinking lemon water and eating food.

7. Cranberry juice

The organic acids present in cranberry juice emulsifies fat deposits in our body. So it is very helpful in reducing belly fat.

  • You will need cranberry juice and water.
  • Add ½ cup of fresh cranberry juice to two cups of water.
  • Drink this blend before every meal you have to reap full benefits.

8. Chia seeds

These little powerful chia seeds are extensively used in fat loss diet routine. They contain loads of fiber and also they help in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

  • Consume 1 tablespoon of chia seeds every morning on empty stomach.
  • You can put these seeds into some water and consume it as a snack.
  • You can also add this ingredient to your oatmeal or smoothies.

9. Drink Ginger Tea or Ginger Water to Lose Belly Fat

Ginger has thermogenic property, which helps the body to burn fat efficiently. Ginger suppresses the stress hormone cortisol in the body and prevents weight gain caused due to stress. It also relieves nausea and digestive problems in the stomach.

  • Boil water, add ½ inch of ginger to it.
  • Let it boil for a while then put off the flame. Let it simmer.
  • Transfer the solution into a glass.
  • Add 2-3 drops of lemon juice.
  • To enhance the taste you can add 1 teaspoon honey (optional).
  • Drink this liquid every morning on an empty stomach.
  • After 30 minutes consume breakfast.

10. Fish oil

Contains Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, which helps the body to breakdown fat in the belly region.

  • Eat mackerel, tuna, and salmon twice in a week.
  • Another alternative is to consume 1 tablespoon or 6 grams of fish oil daily.

11. Green Tea

Green tea is rich in nutrients and antioxidants which enhance the metabolism rate of the body and thereby helps in fat loss.

  • Place a green tea bag in boiled water for 5-10 minutes.
  • Let it absorb the contents of the bag.
  • If you are fond of mint. Add a few mint leaves.
  • Add honey to make your drink sweet.
  • Drink this before meals every morning.


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