5 DIY Face Cleansers For Acne

5 DIY Face Cleansers For Acne

How to use this natural honey face cleanser

  • First of all wet your entire face.
  • Scoop out a small amount of honey.
  • Now rub the honey into your entire face, you can also use it on your hands or neck.
  • If you don’t want any mess just use it when you are taking shower, it not only mess free but saves your time as well.
  • Let it as a mask and wash your rest of the body in the shower.
  • Let it for 4 or 5 minutes.
  • After that, you can simply rinse it off.

3. Yoghurt for Dry Skin

Yoghurt is another great natural face cleanser. It contains lactic acid which helps to gently exfoliate the skin. It tighten the pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines and it also very hydrating, it also helps to kill the bacterias which causing acne or breakouts. If your skin is dry then this is perfect for you as it makes your skin extra soft and smooth. To get the great result you have to use plain and natural yogurt without any artificial flavors or sugar.

How to use natural yogurt face cleanser for acne

  • You can use it alone or mix some honey for extra moisturization.
  • Just Massage a thin layer of this into your skin.
  • If anything traps on your pores, yogurt helps to loosen them.
  • Simply massage it for few seconds then let it stay as a mask for few minutes.
  • After then wash your face thoroughly with water.

4. Bentonite Clay for Acne Prone Skin

For deep facial cleanse there is nothing better than to use clay my personal favorite is bentonite clay. It penetrates deep into the skin, it also acts like a magnet for toxins and impurities. It gently exfoliates and promotes blood circulation. This is especially affected by acne prone skin so if you have this skin then this face cleanser is for you.

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