Best Nova Launcher Themes & Icon Packs 2018

Themes compose the most of the expression of our beloved smart gadgets, such as cellular phones or tablet computers. With no proper ‘thematic’ pairing, the majority of us can not even jet begin our mornings the ideal way. Imagine employing a device daily with the identical look which never changes!

In the event you aren’t aware of exactly what a Nova Launcher is, then consult with our android launchers article that explains all you want to learn about this ace Android program. For all those who have some experience tweaking with all the visual appeal of your mobile, Nova Launcher may seem quite familiar.

You also have to be aware that as genius because this program is, it doesn’t, nevertheless, have a ‘motif’setting. This is sort of tragic for a program that’s not just readily available for free however, also includes a paid version costing $4.99 on the Google Play Store that doesn’t have an choice to change the background and foreground look of your cell phone.

1. Pasty

The Pasty Free program offers to alter your whole set of icons at a cunning white formation that matches excellently with countless unique wallpapers offered inside the program. You are able to first select a background and use the icon package. To use, you only have to click the Wallpapers in the menu. Open the menu once more, & click Employ Icons.


Retro is among the remarkable nova launcher topics on the market. In the menu, click on Apply Theme, select Nova Launcher as the default launcher and allow the settings take effect. Return to the home screen to observe the modifications made. This program also automatically applies adjustments to the icons, so you shouldn’t take action.

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3. Krush Theme

It’s a restricted set of backgrounds, but they’re quite excellent. Simply select a background in the background, and out of the menu, select Apply. Return to the menu, then select Apply, then select Nova Launcher. The changes will then be implemented.

4. Murdered Out

Murdered Out includes a darker theme, with icons which are also mostly dense and dark. The icon package is quite simple to configure, using an easy-to-select interface for background and icon packs equal to the Pasty Theme we clarified previously.

The modifications we created

Theme Employed: Murdered Outside Free 7, Icon Bundle: Murdered Outside Icon pack.

5. The CSBW

The CSBW is a cool program that redefines how that you use Google search bar in the comfort of your smartphone house display. It functions with a particular set of topics which are available for downloading inside the program.

As soon as you get into the theme which you would love to test, start the program, and select a background, and install it as a Nova Launcher wallpaper. Then use the icon package, now you can customize it, according to the background you’ve got. In addition, it comes in several colors of colours.

The modifications we created

Theme Employed: Material Matters 6, Icon Pack: Material Matters Icon pack. Folder Icon- Fan, Folder Background- N Preview, Wallpaper- Color and Transparency- Yellow, 0 percent, Transition animation- Zoom, Dock Background: Form- Rectangle, Content Color- Pink, Transparency 0 percent At the advanced settings, trigger Dock within a overlay.


6. Light Void

The program provides HD wallpapers chiefly of Landscape or other random assortment of photography character. The configuration is still just like the aforementioned programs, simply select a background of your choice, then use the icons, and create remarkable changes.

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Light Void

The modifications we created

Theme Employed: Light Void 6, Icon Bundle: Material Matters Icon pack.

7. Flight Lite

The Flight Lite provides you the choice to select from actual high-resolution photos accumulated by Nate Wren, which you may use as a background. Upon clicking Employ Icons, the port transforms to a light, feathery touch. Take a look!

The modifications we made:

Theme Employed: Flight 21, Icon Bundle: Flight Lite Icon package.

Greyscale Icon Bundle
Greyscale Icon Bundle brings enhanced graphics from the manufacturers of the program. They’re all cool to use and type of reflects modern art form.


The modifications we created

Theme Employed: Flight 21, Icon Bundle: Greyscale Icon package.

8. Lines Free

Lines is a icon package that’s much easier on the eyes and also provides the consumer an extremely sober and lightweight look. The program is called Lines due to the vector type of representation of of your program icons. It’s sort of cool, neat and maintains a great deal of poise. You have to give it a try with all the modifications we’ve made in the Nova Launcher configurations.

Lines Free

The modifications we created

Theme Employed: Lines 3, Icon Bundle: Greyscale Icon package.

Extra Bonus Nova Launcher Theme


Moonrise presents fairly neat images for your background collection. The notion is generic behind those beautifully created backgrounds, with personalization and synchronization using many popular launchers. Simply select the background, and put on the icon package to enjoy a theme that is wonderful.


The modifications we created

Theme Employed: Nightrise_Red, Icon Bundle: Greyscale Icon package.

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Nova Launcher topics provide you with a world of amazement and look damning topics and icon packs, so which you are able to try out for an entire season and still come out brief. Giving a fresh look for your phone is really important now because we devote most of our own lives together with it at our hands, you may too lighten up and give it a look which reflects your mood, also reflects your individuality.

There are absolutely hundreds of collections and mixes which you may test, particularly in the event that you buy Nova Launcher Prime and more if you’re absolutely in love with an Icon bunch as well as the nova launcher topics it provides, and purchase a superior version, then you’d have a whole lot to tweak and fashion your own Android smartphone or tablet computer.

No matter your expertise was, please discuss them with us along with also the Android Crush community down from the comments sections. Sharing is caring, really, in the event that you enjoyed our choice of Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Packs, share this informative article about on your social websites and allow all your friends and family members know about it.

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