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Know How to Remove a Seed Corn on the Foot

Seed corns are observed on weight-bearing locations of their foot, like the heel and ball. They’re extremely distinct from the sort of corns that one finds on the face of the foot or around the feet. They are frequently found on individuals who invest a lot of time outside, where there’s continuous abrading of the... Read More »

Know How to Give a Massage With Hot Oil

Using hot oil through massage is an excellent way to promote comfort and sooth muscle fatigue whilst opening the pores and softening the skin. Many types of massage oil contain a couple of essential oil scents, which can be aromatherapeutic for both the masseuse as well as the recipient of this massage. Adding hot oil... Read More »

Cooking Skills : What Substitute for Masa Harina

Food purists will tell you that when a recipe requires masa harina — a sort of ground corn flour — there are no replacements. But if you are halfway through preparing a dish with no opportunity to run into the shop, then a substitution is essential; even if it is not ideal. A standard ingredient... Read More »

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