Double Boiler : What Can I Substitute for a Double Boiler?

Many recipes require using a double boiler to melt chocolate or to heat delicate sauces without scorching them. But lots of folks don’t own a dual boiler. Instead of spending your cash and taking up valuable cupboard space with an excess cooking container, create your very own double boiler with simple tools you have on your home–the recipe won’t ever understand the difference.

What’s a Double Boiler?

A double boiler is a pair of 2 fitted saucepans or baskets which are piled together with distance between them. The underside saucepan is full of water, and then the next saucepan is piled on top. The steam in the base kettle rises and heats the top pot. This indirect form of heating system permits the contents of the top pot to heat evenly and slowly, and is excellent for melting chocolate and also for gently heating and butter-based sauces that will burn heat. Double boilers are available from many large box retailers which sell housewares in addition to from specialization cooking supply stores.

Create Your Own

Rather than spending cash on a dual boiler which you will only use once in awhile, use a Pyrex or a stainless steel jar as your upper pitcher. First, pick a large pot and fill it with 1 to 2 inches of water and put it over low to moderate heat until the water begins to simmer. Opt for a bowl which has a diameter larger than that of your pot and put it at the top. Ensure your bowl doesn’t fall in the kettle or touch the water that is bottled. Put your sauce, chocolate or other material into the bowl and then allow the steam heating the base of the bowl.

Steam in the base pot will slowly escape. Based upon your recipe, this might be a terrible complication of a home made double boiler. If steam gets to melting chocolate, the chocolate will seize up and be destroyed. Be certain you permit the steam to dissipate without getting in your meals.

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