New Fortnite Update Published, Here Is What It Does : Fortnite’s new Upgrade includes a Lot of bug fixes.

New Fortnite Update Published, Here Is What It DoesFortnite’s new Upgrade includes a Lot of bug fixes.
Last updated by Oscar Dayus on April 13, 2018 at 12:37PM
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Fortnite has yet another upgrade available at the moment on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and cellular. Model 3.5.1 intends to deal with a few problems with the game’s past patch, version 3.5, and as such is restricted to bug fixes. To put it differently, no jetpack.

Specifically, the new replay system caused some issues where players’ games can crash. These issues have been addressed, based on programmer Epic Games’ official patch notes. Meanwhile a problem where players can fire weapons prior to the left wing animation had ended under certain circumstances has also been solved.

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In Save the planet, Epic has altered the way it transforms occasion tickets to Llamas. From today on, players can get 1 occasion Llama for each 1000 tickets; for any extra tickets over 1000, you will get one additional Llama irrespective of the number of additional tickets you’ve got. The programmer has also allowed all Save the World players Spring Llamas at no cost. Have a peek at all of the patch notes at the bottom of the report, through Epic.

More complimentary Fortnite things are currently available as an apology out of Epic for the match’s recent server issues. This weekend, Battle Royale players may find a complimentary Back Bling thing (a new kind of customization slot included for Season 3), which is pictured below. Also this weekend, Save the World players may catch a Troll Stash Llama. Both can be accessible from the various modes’ in-game shops. Additionally, Battle Royale gamers will get a “package of Battle Stars,” that are utilized to rank the Battle up Pass and earn rewards.

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There is no word on once the eliminated Guided Missile weapon will go back into Fortnite: Battle Royale, however, the sport is usable once more. That is fantastic news, as the 3.5 upgrade introduced a brand new Port-a-Fort thing and created a selection of different alterations. Week 8 challenges are now currently available, even though the server problems have prompted Epic to postpone the launch of this new 50v50 limited-time manner till next week.

Fortnite Update 3.5.1 Patch Notes

Save Your World Bug Fixes
‘Building Edit’ hotkey could be bound to keys other than ‘G’
We are altering the Mini-Boss Mission Alerts for Canny and Twine back to their preexisting v3.5 state.
‘Repair the Shelter’ goal now disturbs if you interact with the control panel as opposed to be based on closeness to this objective.
Allowed all gamers complimentary Spring Llamas (could be located from the Loot tab).
We have changed how we convert tickets. Players get 1 occasion Llama each 1000 tickets and one Llama for almost any tickets.
(Example) If you’ve got 5 tickets left in the close of the occasion, you still get 1 free occasion Llama.
Battle Royale Bug Fixes
‘Building Edit’ hotkey can be bound to keys other than ‘G’
Fixed a problem where players can fire weapons ahead of the left wing animation had ended, if they had been sprinting.
Fixed several customer crashes which were related to this new Replay System.
Fixed a problem that broke participant’s walking/sprinting animations whenever they had been shooting a Guided Missile while still walking/sprinting.

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