How to Change Your Attitude Towards Food in 6 Easy Steps

How to Change Your Attitude Towards Food in 6 Easy Steps

For example, the attitude for self deprivation can be: I can NEVER eat desserts, NEVER go out to eat and you HAVE TO eat boring, unsatisfying meals.

While following a depriving diet for some people may help for weight loss, for others it may be a set up for failure.

Focusing on foods you can now NEVER eat can increase how much you think about these foods and may lead up to a binge episode followed by guilt and negative thoughts.

Feelings of guilt may help promote behavior changes, but they can also lead to helplessness and feeling out of control (2).

Instead of self deprivation, shift your attitude to self control.

For example, instead of NEVER being able to eat desserts, self control attitude would allow a small dessert occasionally as part of a healthy diet (3).

Nourish your body, not just count calories

The body needs nutrients from food for survival and to thrive.  Instead of seeing eating as an outlet when you are stressed, sad, etc., see eating as a way of fueling your body with nutrients.

Food should be nourishing to your body, not pendulum of strict restriction followed by over indulgence.

Shifting your attitude to seeing food as nourishment for your body instead of something you are fighting against for the number on the scale can be a positive shift.

Instead of specializing in eating most effective a positive calorie amount, attention on eating foods that provide many nutrients your body needs which include: nutrients, minerals, coronary heart healthy fats, protein, antioxidants and fiber.

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Instead of seeing food as a number of sport among the size and a daily calorie allotment recognition on ingesting foods that provide nourishment on your frame.

This concept ties in with self deprivation.  Instead of focusing on how little calories you ought to devour, cognizance on which vitamins your frame needs and merits to thrive on and be healthful.

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