How to Change Your Attitude Towards Food in 6 Easy Steps

How to Change Your Attitude Towards Food in 6 Easy Steps

Aim to get more of these nutrients in your diet instead of focusing on how little you should be eating.

Don’t mentally beat yourself up

According to US News and World Report (4), research from Syracuse University suggests how you see yourself and your core identity can predict your actions.

For example, women in a study who were dissatisfied with their bodies were more likely to avoid exercise.

Some research has also shown simply thinking you are overweight may increase risk of weight gain in the future.

Instead of seeing yourself as unhealthy or in other negative ways, shift your attitude towards seeing yourself making healthy decisions for your health now and in the future.

Understand your emotional eating triggers

Practicing aware eating manner you’re letting your frame manual your food consumption.  In todays rapid paced, multitasking surroundings, it may be clean to stupid your sense of your frame’s signaling.

We are used to eating until our plate is empty, eating when we see food or eating as a coping mechanism when we are sad, mad, bored, etc.

Understanding why you eat can help your attitude towards food.  Are you turning to food as a stress reliever or when you feel out of control?  Are you turning to food when you feel bored or lonely?  Doing a food journal that tracks how you feel when you are eating can help clarify some attitudes toward food.

Instead of using food as an emotional trigger, use food to fuel and nourish your body.  Enjoy your food; don’t just inhale your food until your plate is clear.  Listen to your body when it is full, not stuffed, and when it is hungry.

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What do you do when you find an emotional trigger to eating? 

Develop an attitude and strategy of turning to something healthy when you feel this emotion such as: taking a walk, exercising, knitting, or whatever else is stress relieving to you.

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