The Village of East Canton Ohio
The Village of East Canton was Settled in the 1700's and had the honor of being the first county seat.
Mayor Kathleen Almasy 330-488-0220 Village Administrator Edward Collins 330-488-0360 Fiscal Officer Michelle Scroggs 330-488-0220 Income Tax Department 330-488-0220 Water Department 330-488-0220 Zoning Inspector Blaine   330-575-9054


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                         Income Tax Department

Phone: (330) 488-0220
The Income Tax Office is Located at 130 Cedar St. South
Income Tax Director is in the Office.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Employer Reconciliation & Employer Quarterly Payroll Withholding Forms. Click here for PDF
Employer Reconciliation & Employer Monthly Payroll Withholding Forms. Click here for PDF
2017 Village of East Canton Income Tax Forms Click here for PDF
2017 Village of East Canton Income Tax Forms Information page Click here for PD
EAST CANTON INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT  Pay your taxes by visiting   (Fees will apply)

Please note: allow 4 business days when paying online to reach our office.

 Village Income Tax rates are 1.5% as of Jan. 1, 2004. Please note the filling deadline has been changed to April 15. Filling is mandatory for ALL Village residents age 16 and older who are employed. Failure to file by April 15 will result in a $25.00 late filling fee.

Retired persons receiving ONLY Social Security and/or pensions need to file information with the Village Income Dept. No further filing will be needed after the initial filing unless your circumstance change.

Tax forms and filing instructions are available at the Village Hall and at:

The East Canton Tax Department will continue using Weltman, Weinberg & Reis as our collection attorneys along with Canton City Small Claims Court in order to collect outstanding taxes and prosecute non-filers.