The Village of East Canton Ohio
The Village of East Canton was Settled in the 1700's and had the honor of being the first county seat.
Mayor Kathleen Almasy 330-488-0220 Village Administrator Edward Collins 330-488-0360 Fiscal Officer Michelle Scroggs 330-488-0220 Income Tax Department 330-488-0220 Water Department 330-488-0220 Zoning Inspector Blaine   330-575-9054


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                               Police Department

Village of East Canton
Police Chief Derrick Blake
Dispatch: 330-488-9435
Emergency: 911

Our fine police force serves the Village, enforcing state laws, local ordinances and federal statutes. The Village has two sworn, full-time officers including the police chief and sergeant. Along with nine sworn part-time officers, they are assigned patrol the Village's 11 miles of roadway and respond to over 2,000 calls per year. The Village of East Canton is contracted with  the Cancom for dispatching services.

Something to remember, if you SEE IT! Or HEAR IT! Please REPORT IT! Together we can make our Village a safe community for all its residents.

Resident Watch:

Planning a vacation, and going to be gone for awhile, and would like a residential watch or if you have any other comments or questions, please contact the Chief of Police at (330) 488-9435

Other Important Numbers:

Ohio Highway Patrol: (330) 433-6200
Stark County Sheriff: 911