Top 10 Fantastic Money Saving Tips for a Tight Budget


Occasionally you need to become creative when money’s tight.
You need to brainstorm new approaches to save cash once the old methods just are not cutting it.

But would not it be good if a listing of the best 10 excellent money saving hints already existed? I believe that you can see where we are going for this…

Luckily, there are a whole lot of methods to spend less on a tight budget which do not involve moving back to your parent’s basement.

Whatever your circumstances might be, I have come across some fairly smart money saving tips which will slash your spending and help enhance your savings.

I will skip the boring, cliché advice that you’ve heard a thousand times before. You know how to save money buying generic goods, maintaining your tires filled with the ideal quantity of atmosphere, and stocking up on enough toilet paper to deteriorate for five households.

Rather, I will discuss my best 10 excellent money saving hints which won’t just help save you money, but will make your life enjoyable and intriguing.

Update: the list today includes 5 additional bonus tips!

What about this?!

1. Never pay Whole price when you shop

Even if cash is tight, I get a great deal of my regular items on the web.

Don’t go shopping before you sign up to get Swagbucks and Ebates. More than anything, both of these sites are my very best discovery annually.

You receive automatic money back for shopping online and buying items you are currently buying for. Lately, they have made lots of your in-store purchases offered for money, too.

Be on the watch for dual money back offers, and you are going to receive 10-12% money back.

One of my colleagues told me she earns around $100 money back each quarter between both websites.

2. Become a Urban Forager

Urban foragers collect fruit, berries, nuts, vegetables and other edibles from town and local roads. Stay with me. It is not quite as weird as it seems.

I found urban foraging by injury. I was walking my dog while my father-in-law was in the city, and he kept pointing out all of the rosemary trees which lined the sidewalks. Since I am generally the sort of person who purchases those little, overpriced new herbs at the produce aisle of Whole Foods, I was elated with this huge cash saving technique.

Ever since that time, I have discovered public lemon trees, passion fruit plantations as well as a few plants of cherry tomatoes.

Urban foraging can save a lot of money! However, before you venture out and begin choosing random leaves, I would have a look at this publication to be certain that you don’t inadvertently choose a poisonous mushroom.

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3. See Your Mail

I’d like to throw my “junk” email away without even considering it, but within the last couple of decades, I have discovered that firms have stepped up their advertisements match.

By two-for-ones in the regional organic juice free pedicures using the purchase price of a manicure, there no more must be pity on your coupon match.

4. Save Big with Groupon Bargains

It looks like every local business has some kind of Groupon unique. That means multiple businesses in exactly the exact same sort of marketplace are often offering the exact same thing. And that may mean huge savings for you for the exact same service or product, over and over and over again.

Here is my latest Groupon success story…

I enjoy taking yoga classes, but studio costs are absurd. I discovered that many yoga studios have continuing Groupon specials with bargains ranging from 50-80 percent off! I opted to make the most of a few of them since there were nearly two dozen studios that provide Groupons inside a 10-mile radius of my home.

The end result — I ended up with a year value of yoga to get under half of their standard cost, and that I got to sample a whole lot of different studios before choosing which one I liked best.

5. Get a Better Bank

For many years, I was upset with my lender. I was being charged a monthly maintenance fee, also that I did not collect a penny of attention! I then discovered Discover Bank. There are no fees, plus they cover about 100 times longer in interest compared to other banks on the market.

With only a small bit of cash in the bank, I got enough interest for many fancy cups of java in Starbucks. In the previous year I have had an account they have increased their prices 5 times! Its by far among the most effective money-related decisions I have made in some time and my absolute favourite thing with this list of top 10 excellent money saving hints.

6. Track Spending and Handle Your Financial Life having a Program

We have been advised by well-meaning relatives which when we would like to spend less, we will need to plan our budget and spending sensibly. That’s really dull! Seriously, who has time for it?

Fortunately, there’s a program for this, and it is pretty brilliant. Mint makes making a budget (nearly) fun and it is easy monitor, upgrade and track all in my smartphone.

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And here is my favourite part. You may even utilize Mint to cover your bills and receive notifications about due dates. I really don’t know about you, but I have been sucker punched a couple of occasions by credit card firms that charge anywhere from $25-$35, even when you’re only a day overdue. With Mint, I am always on top of all things.

7. Does Your Own Cooking

I know I know… Cooking is a significant time suck and at the time you visit the shop and purchase all the components you will need to get a recipe, you are probably not saving some money.

This was before Thug Kitchen came about and altered the way people cook. Their no-nonsense attitude (that is a polite way of saying they cuss a lot) is fun and makes cooking type of pleasure. Their recipes are fast and inexpensive to create, also. Additionally, if you double up the recipes, then you’ll have leftovers, yet another cash saving hack.

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I’d like to go out to dinner each weekend for “date night,” but after awhile, I got tired of the limited restaurant choices in my area, and the overpriced cocktails and side salads were not too stimulating, either. I opted to remain in a bit more often and night turned into an enjoyable action of experimentation with new recipes while still saving money.

8. Use a Slow Cooker

You did not believe I was done speaking about cooking however, did you?

Truth be told, I resisted getting a slow cooker for ages. My parents had a Crock-Pot, and it had been ugly and brown, and the idea of me really using one made me feel in a hundred years of age.

It did not help that my friends began raving about crockpots incessantly. The hottest Chicken Verde recipe? I would rather stare at a wall of paint chips in Home Depot.

But Buzzfeed began posting slow cooker recipes, and I decided to try out a few. I was amazed with how delicious everything was, and I discovered that I saved a great deal of cash by using things up in my fridge that were becoming near expiration and could otherwise be thrown off.

9. Eat Healthy for Less with Thrive Market

If you are trying to eat healthy, you have definitely discovered that organic food is actually pricey. Thank good for Thrive Market! For a small membership fee you may save 25-50 percent on healthful, organic meals, cleaning materials, nutritional supplements, beauty products and even pet supplies.

You save time and gas money by not needing to combat the busy, and frequently barbarous, Whole Foods parking lot.

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10. DIY Beauty and Cleaning Products

Perhaps you have discovered how expensive beauty products really are nowadays? They say that you get what you pay for, but if you examine the components of a good deal of what is on the market, the very first one recorded is water. That is some fairly expensive water!

By making regular essentials such as shampoo and laundry detergent, you are going to save yourself a good deal of money whilst at the same time using healthy ingredients.

My initial DIY beauty merchandise experimentation was shampoo. I blended liquid castile soap, coconut milk, coconut oil and essential oil to earn a moisture-rich shampoo which both my pocket and hair thanked me.

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5 New Bonus Tips


11. Utilize Your Network into Barter

This tip is my favorite since it combines great karma using saving cash.

It requires a little bit of coordination and organization, but in case you’ve got a good group of friends, this can make your life a hundred times greater.

Here is how it works: every individual in your circle of friends offers a resource or skill they are prepared to supply, after that you barter.

As an instance, let us say that I walk dogs for a few hours every day and a number of my buddies require a dog walker. I am able to walk their dogs at no cost, which saves them money. And let us say one of my buddies is the acupuncturist. I happen to adore acupuncture, but it is not necessarily in my own budget. If I walk her dog three days per week, then I will find a complimentary acupuncture trip. Or something like this.

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The options are really endless, and it may also be a very fun way to find out more about your friends and what they do. Ensure that you work out how to create the trades fair from the beginning, so nobody develops any bitterness or feels taken advantage of.

12. Get a library card

A good deal of folks have forgotten that there is a massive building in each city with free books! It is pretty wonderful.

For an avid book reader, I used to get a lot of books. Many goes awry when I got busy with other things worse, the publication could be terrible and I would discard it halfway. Now, if I am interested in a publication, I will check it out of the library. When it’s quite a book I love and plan on studying later on, I will really buy the actual publication.

I figure you can think of libraries as a means to check drive publications!

13. Get Your Dog’s Clothes in Thrift Stores

This does not work for the dog since he is large and hates wearing clothing, but a buddy of mine has a giant wardrobe because of her cute Bichon Frise, George. I have seen him Harvard sweatshirts, NFL t-shirts as well as designer sports equipment.

It turns out that George is not getting his clothing out of the fancy pet boutique; his mother goes to the kids’ department at thrift shops and purchases all his clothing bits for under a buck.

14. Cold Water Laundry Hack

I started washing my clothes in cold water to help stop them from disappearing, but I noticed a drastic decline in my electrical bill. I wash everything in cold water and hang dry all my things instead of use the dryer.

The advantage: I conserve around the home with reduced electrical bills and without needing to replace garments as often.

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15. Coin Redemption with no Commission

Should you still use money (there are a few of us out there!) , you have likely got a jar of coins sitting in a cupboard somewhere. And, if you are like me, you’d love to cash them at any stage, but these Coinstar machines require a ridiculous 11.9 percent commission.

You can get round it if you choose to redeem your coins to get an Amazon gift card but there is a much better approach to pocket the money: locate a local credit union using a coin machine that’s totally free to use. You might need to phone around to locate one, but if you stay near a Navy Federal Credit Union, you can begin there since theirs is totally free.

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