Tyme Iron Review – The Creative Round Straightener and Curler

There’s a new hot tools kid on the block which guarantees unreal salon-results at the comfort of your own home. So we felt we needed to do what we always do and run a comprehensive investigation! It’s known as the Tyme Iron — a flat iron which curls and straightens.

Firstly, it’s important to understand just what it is and what it does. Well, it guarantees any style you want in minutes (ten minutes for moderate depth, mid-length hair) so if you want straight hair or curls you can get it done using a single, simple bit of gear.

It seems somewhat like a hair straightener but it’s thicker and has a rounded barrel so that it’s designed to make tiny ringlets, big curls, loose beachy waves or poker straight hair. That makes it a round flat iron that stinks and straightens. Genius — but does this work? How does this compare with other straightener and curler two in 1 versions ? Keep Reading to Discover More.

Tyme Iron Review: Key Characteristics

  • Gold-Plated Titanium plates, these lock hydration and protect against damage to hair as long as heat is treated carefully and the perfect protection is set up.
  • Ionic technology which is excellent to get rid of frizz and fly away and provides shiny, smooth and silky-looking hair.
  • High warmth of 400 Degrees F with protective coating so long as you use the right heat-protection spray (see below for more about this) you should not burn your hair.
  • Rotating swivel cord meaning you can easily get to the back of your mind.
  • Virtual styling advice on the Tyme Iron website and a lot of video information on the web.
    One year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Heated sleeve which enables you to slide your Tyme Iron inside after use. It’s not necessary to wait for your own tool to cool down either. This sleeve is protective also, helping prevent build-up of dust or risk of harm.

What is your Tyme Iron?

For those of you unfamiliar with what a Tyme Iron is, it is a fantastic little innovation. Basically, it is a flat iron but it stinks and straightens hair, giving you a two-in-one product that is entirely flexible. Additionally, it is quick, faster than any other hair application available on the market. As soon as you come to grips with how to use it, styling hair ought to take as little as 10 minutes for mid-thickness, mid-length hair.

What Does The Tyme Iron Look Like?

The Tyme Iron looks like a hair straightener but it is a larger tool with a rounded barrel. The rounded barrel is there to make curls, whether they are large, bouncy curls, loose, beach-style waves or small ringlets. The iron may also straighten hair.

How Hot Does it Get?

The Tyme Iron only has one temperature setting which is a downside, which is 230 degrees celsius. This isn’t a variable setting, so remember and make certain to always utilize a heating shielding spray before using it.

Can it harm My Hair?

Used properly, the Tyme Iron won’t harm your hair, but you need to be careful to use the ideal heat protection and never hold the iron on your hair for a long time. You should glide the iron through your own hair without too much strain. Since it’s just one temperature setting, it is probably bad for fine, damaged, colored hair since this type of hair will be brittle or prone to splitting and breakage. We would advise to prevent the Tyme entirely if your hair is any of the above.

What Hair Types Must Use The Tyme Iron?

The iron is best for thick, course hair or curly hair which needs smoothing out. Moderate thickness hair is also suitable as long as the right heat protection is in place. Keep away from delicate, fine, broken or coloured hair with all the Tyme iron.

Prior to buying a Tyme Iron, it’s well worth knowing if it’s right for your hair type and what the benefits and pitfalls are.

Tyme Iron Positives

  • It is a great looking hair tool as well as the Rose Gold colour is quite contemporary.
  • Design is slick and up-to-date so if you prefer attractive hair tools, this one will probably be right at home on your dressing table!
  • It heats up quite quickly, which saves time, particularly when you’re in a hurry.
  • It works fast, once you get used to using it!
  • It’s gentle on the wrist due to its shape, there is no need to strain.
  • The Tyme Iron is great for thick, course hair and will not smooth and straighten very fast.
  • There are no fiddly controls to deal with, simply an easy-to-use off and on button.

Tyme Iron Negatives

  • It is a more expensive investment, but it is well worth mentioning that in case you want a hair curler and a hair straightener, you receive two-in-one so you stay away from purchasing two distinct tools.
  • It is not completely easy to use and there’s some learning to cover prior to getting the most out of this hair application. However, once you do get accustomed to it, then you will enjoy the results.
  • The iron just has one temperature setting which is too large for damaged, colored or fine hair.
  • There is no auto shut-off, and therefore you need to be very careful not to leave it on if your finished.

Styling Combo: Tyme Paddle Brush Plus The Upstaged Thermal Heat Protectant

Now, while it’s possible to use any extra styling aid if you want to, the manufacturer recommends with their own brand of warmth protectant and especially designed paddle brush to achieve the best results. The heat protector is called Upstaged Thermal Heat Protectant.

he spray comes in a fine gold jar that delivers 120ml of merchandise and you place a few drops into the palm of your hand, spread around your hair then use your Tyme Iron.

This product helps to deliver extra volume and shine as well as protect your hair from the high heat. In reality it is so good, it keeps hair shielded from hair styling tools around 572 degrees F so you can use it together with other styling tools as well. It also has a remarkably beautiful scent so hair smells gorgeous.


About the product
  • Non-slip, super comfy grip!
  • Magnetic feature so you never misplace a brush. Just hang it from any metal surface!
  • Nylon bristles and soft cushion provide comfortable massage experience when brushing!
  • Can be used on wet and dry hair! Ventilated cushion for blow-drying.
  • Detangles hair effortlessly
Price: $25.00 FREE Shipping

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As well as the heat protectant, the Tyme Paddle Brush is another must-have. The paddle brush promises tangle-free hair brushing and smooth, silky soft, shiny hair. It includes a few excellent added features like a very comfortable grip with non technology and a clever magnetic attribute so that you can connect it to any metal surface (saves you searching down your brush if you want to design your hair). It’s also fine to use on any hair type, whether it’s thin, moderate thickness, thick, straight or wavy.

About the product
  • UPSTAGED thermal protectant gives your hair volume, shine, and heat protection for healthy, beautiful hair
  • 120 mL / 4.05 fl oz
  • Heat resistant spray protects hair against heat tools up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit (300 degrees Celsius)
  • Paraben free, sulfate free and gluten free
  • The fragrance is Fresh. Sexy. Amazing!

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How to use this Tyme Iron

If you’ve already obtained your Tyme Iron you’ll be eager to use your new round straightener and curler product but like anything new, it takes a little time to get to grips with it. However, we’ve done the work for you and here are a few of our great tips to get the absolute most from your new hairstyling tool.


  1. First, start with dry hair. Wash and condition it as normal, rinse out thoroughly, towel dry and then use the Upstaged Protectant from Tyme Iron, then dry your hair off.
  2. You can take advantage of this product in-between washes to pep up your style too in the event that you want to but never use it on wet hair.
  3. Now your hair is dry, we would recommend sectioning out your hair so it’s easier to manage (you don’t have to do so but it helps).
  4. Your Tyme Iron looks like a V shape when you pick it up. That is normal, if you design it, it is going to close with each other to form a barrel form.
  5. Switch on your Tyme Iron with the on/off switch inside the plates. The lighting will turn blue and this shows it is working.
  6. To use it correctly, hold your thumb across the blue light and turn it so it looks like a bike handle when closed, it should resemble a gold cone, once you open it, you will realize the brown guideline plates indoors. This is how to hold your Tyme Iron.
  7. The brown lines are what you use to curl. The golden plates are what you use to sew — you’ll see that if you maintain your Tyme Iron properly!
  8. If you use your Tyme Iron you flip your wrist toward the mirror (as if you’re revving a motorbike) this is how you style your own hair.
  9. For curls, you use this wrist-action and move your arm forward toward the mirror because you style (never up or external ).
  10. To design hair at the back, you pull it up and over your mind together with the wrist actions mentioned.
    Thus, clamp the top of your section of hair between the Tyme Iron ensuring that your wrist is facing toward the mirror and move the iron forward to close the finish of your hair and release. That’s all you will need to do in order to make a beach wave.
  11. Remember to glide the iron through your hair rather than hurrying the movement, if you rush it, then you won’t attain the curl you need. Additionally, this gives your hair longer flake out and eliminates the frizz — it is not a conventional straightener so needs to be utilized slowly but needs to move throughout the hair at an even pace so not to burn it either.
  12. For tighter curls, move the Tyme Iron slowly, for looser curls, move it faster — you will work out the rate based on the curl you want to achieve. If your curl is too tight, you can loosen it by combing through with a wide tooth comb or using your fingers to separate curls.
  13. Styling the left hand side of your hair utilizes the exact same technique except move your right hand (the one holding the iron) over the surface of your mind, then take the section and place it into the iron, flipping hair over the back of the iron. Keep the wrist facing the mirror and then move your arm forward toward the mirror (sounds complex but it is not when you get used to it) .
  14. When you’ve got fine hair, don’t comb your hair out after curling, wait for the curl to set.
  15. Do not use too much tension; there’s no requirement to squeeze the dishes too closely together. If you do squeeze too tightly you will get kinks in your own hair, this is more noticeable on nice hair so be gentle when using the Tyme Iron.
  16. For fine hair, section hair and do not use an excessive amount of hair at a time, you will find a much better result
  17. If you are styling someone else’s hair, then you need to change your hand position and place your palms over the Tyme area rather than the blue light.
  18. The motion you use is exactly the same, you’ve just reversed your hand position to design someone else’s hairloss.
  19. Do not switch it off once you’re finished.


  1. Start with dry hair, whether it’s freshly dried and rough-dried or you are using in-between styling
    Constantly use heat protectant before styling!
  2. Use the golden plates to guide you and using a very simple action just glide hair through in 1 direction.
    So, no need to observe the brown guidelines, see the gold plates.
  3. Take a section of hair, set the root of the area between the gold plates and slowly glide the Tyme Iron throughout the hair into the bottom without using an excessive amount of tension.


The Tyme Iron also functions to transform quite tight curls into softer, smoother curls — here’s how to get the look, in spite of type 3 quite tight ringlets you can get it done!

Again, start with freshly washed and conditioned hair.
Towel dry and apply Upstaged, the Tyme Iron heat protectant.
Dry off hair and segment it out.
Plug on your Tyme Iron, turn on the blue light.
Hold your thumb over the blue light.
Put your wrist into place (like you’re revving a motorbike, wrist always facing the mirror).
Position hair inside the iron and then wrap the remainder of hair round the body of the barrel.
Gently glide hair forwards toward the mirror without a lot of strain, use another hand to maintain the hair that is outside the iron as you glide through.
Publish your smooth, shiny curl.
Repeat all over the head, making sure to lift the hair at the back of your mind up and over your mind and move your arm over your head to the other side rather than alongside your mind.
Styling Someone Else’s Hair
Of course, you may want to design somebody else’s hair with the Tyme Iron, in which instance, to attain straight hair, use it like a traditional straightener, but for curls you need to change your hand position and place your thumb on the”Tyme” instead of on top of this blue light. Use the identical movement (moving toward a mirror) the only change is that you’ve reversed your hand position. Bear in mind, this isn’t quite an simple tool to styling and learn it on someone else’s hair actually does help to know how it works and also to find the best results.

Tyme Iron Alternatives

Are there anything else out there similar to this Tyme Iron? The answer is yes, the InStyler Maxwhich is another invention that is good for straightening and curling hair. It does not function the same way as the Tyme Iron, but it accomplishes the same results. The InStyler Max also includes four heat settings so that it’s better for nice hair since you can adjust the warmth and with two barrel sizes you can achieve different size curls.

Instyler Max Similarities

InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron, Black, 3/4 Inch

Details :

  • Straight sleek styles, soft curls and beachy waves
  • 2-way heated rotating barrel smoothens and polishes as it styles
  • Black tourmaline ceramic plate smoothens without crushing, flattening or damaging hair
  • Four heat settings up to 425 degrees fahrenheit
  • 30 second rapid heat-up and auto safety shut-off
  • Curls and straightens.
  • Can create different size curls.


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Instyler Max Differences

  • More warmth settings.
  • Isn’t a traditional straightener, it’s a rotating barrel.
  • Much easier to learn compared to Tyme Iron!

Tyme Iron vs Beachwaver

The Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa is a great curling iron but it is different to the Tyme Iron since it doesn’t straighten. Additionally, it has slow and fast speed controls so you can easily operate it and it generates structured, loose, beachy or large curls. It’s definitely far simpler to use and also unlike the Tyme Iron, it’s suitable for most hair types.


The Beachwaver S1 is a ceramic rotating curling iron that provides easy, quality waves in minutes.

Note: Our tools are made to only work with USA outlets and voltage. Do not use with a converter or adapter. Doing so invalidates the warranty.

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Tyme vs CHI

In all honesty, you are able to make exactly the exact same finish with the Chi curling irons which continue to be one of the very best hair tools you can purchase at the moment. They are the gold standard and offer excellent temperature controller so there’s no chance of burning hair when used properly. Excellent for hair that is straight and also for curls, the dishes stay constant, heating up evenly without hot spots. Much easier to use than the Tyme Iron, we’d suggest trying these out.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron, 1.25 Inch, 1.4 lb.

Details :

  • Ceramic and titanium infused hairstyling iron for next generation styling with 1.25″ plates for easier styling for longer hair.
  • Mode button with preset temperatures, ceramic heater, 2 year warranty, dual voltage, red thermal mat included
List Price: $139.98 
Price: $129.99 
You Save: $9.99 (7%)

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Tyme vs GHD

GHD are still the best when it comes to shaving tools plus they get hair nice and sleek, without the frizz but they aren’t as great when it comes to curling because they don’t feature a rounded end. Meaning you could create curls nevertheless, they generally have a bend in them so do not look natural and soft. A pro can get curls from a GHD straightener but for Those who want curls at home and to Have the Ability to straighten hair also, the Tyme Iron ought to be better

GHD Gold Styler 1 Inch – Straightener Flat Iron


  • A next-generation styler with advanced ceramic heat technology and an optimum styling temperature to straighten, curl, or wave with enhanced shine.
  • Professional Finish
  • Smoother plates
  • Ceramic heaters and contoured plates
  • Cooler, lighter body
  • Sleep mode

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Tyme vs Babyliss

The Babyliss Curl Secret is an excellent tool — once you understand how to utilize it! It’s just for curls (hence its name) and uses a chamber that twists hair . You put hair inside, set the timer and it releases curls. It is good, probably easier to use compared to Tyme and suitable for all hair types, but hair sometimes snags it and gets caught within the room. As soon as you get accustomed to it, then the Tyme Iron is a much better hair tool, especially as it curls and straightens hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

Details :

  • A stellar combination of power, speed and design offers both heavy-duty 2000-watt performance and lightweight ergonomic handling.
  • Nano Titanium technology. 2000 watts. 6 heat/speed settings. Removable filter/stand
  • Dry hair with a combination of power and speed to reveal a number of styles

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That’s everything you want to know to use your new Tyme Iron — it’s somewhat tricky to deal with, but when you’ve mastered the craft of using it, the outcome is quite striking!

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