What Are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Names ?

You probably already watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle(TMNT) movie and wanted to know more about these turtles and their names or colors. If you haven’t watched it, don’t worry, I won’t spoil the plot for you!

Here is the TMNT Trailer 2!

What are the Ninja Turtle Names?

1) Leonardo(Leo) – Blue Ninja Turtle

He’s the oldest pioneer of these turtles and can be seen with a blue bandana! His signature weapons are two ninjatos. Ninjatos seem a Good Deal like Katanas. Being the chief, he’s extremely disciplined and serene. When the expansive master splinter isn’t about, Leonardo is the one accountable for all things concerning the turtles. Concerning strategic and tactical combat, Leo reigns supreme.

He’s named after the mythical writer Leonardo da Vinci

2) Raphael(Raph)  – Red Ninja Turtle

The hot led and “rebel” turtle from the 4. He traces the red bandana and his signature weapons that the twin sai. Being a sexy headed guy, he frequently experiences a selection of emotions like aggressiveness, anger, rebellious and crestfallen. Owing to his psychological nature, he frequently battle heads along with his older brother Leonardo. On the flip side, he’s got a far friendlier relationship with younger brother Michelangelo.

Fun Tip: Named after 16th century Italian painter Raphael.

3) Donatello(Don) – Purple  Ninja Turtle

Donatello is the science and tech geek of the four turtles. He traces the purple bandana and his trademark weapon would be the Bo staff. Who does not enjoy a turtle that kicks ass with only a team? He’s a really wise turtle and can also be known as the president of this group. He’s also quite mello and serene just like Leonardo, hence he’s appropriate traits for being a pioneer. If it comes to engineering stuff for example deactivating computer programs, Donatello is your guy!

4) Michaelangelo(Mikey)  – Orange Ninja Turtle

He’s the most adorable turtle from the 4. He traces the orange bandana. His signature weapons would be the double nunchucks. His personality is very fun loving, maintenance and the laid back. He’s the mad and crazy brother you’d have.

Interesting trick: Divine comic books and can be called after Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Other Supporting Characters

While the four turtles frequently take the spotlight, the supporting cast is also a massive area of the group. I frequently see people asking who’s that ninja turtle rat’s title? The solution is below!

5) Splinter

He’s the instructor(“sensei”) of those turtles. A zen philosopher and also a master of ninjitsu, he embraced by the pet shop. In addition, he has an eternal competition using the foot clan that is portrayed in the film as well as the series that I won’t spoil it for you.

6) April O’Neil

The sole human in the group of mutants! She assists the ninja turtles together with public relations and whatever work related to the public. The intriguing part is that April and Donatello possess some love interest happening. Won’t spoil too much for you when you’ll need to see TMNT!

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