What Is an Asian Table Shower And What to Do ?

The Asian table shower is offered at many Asian spas and is a simple way to cleanse the body before a massage. It is similar to and often called a Vichy shower, in which water is splashed over the body before a treatment to cleanse skin and open pores[1].

Things to do Before go to  Shower Room

Below is 4 things to do before enter the shower room


Typically, all clothing should be removed before going into the shower area, which could have one or even several horizontal tables. After bathing you’ll be made to the vanity and advised whether to put first in your back or on your stomach.

Water Heater

Based upon the therapy you have selected, buckets of hot, cold or warm water will be poured over the body many times throughout your therapy.

You are able to discover this therapy largely at Korean, Japanese, Thai and Japanese spas. However, this kind of Asian dining table shower can also be offered at some European and Western resorts.

Common Remedies

The Asian dining table shower can be used with Western spa treatments like akasuri (salt extract) and the Korea spa therapy known as the body scrub, where the masseuse uses rough mitts to rub skin away.

Hints and Warnings

The Asian table shower is frequently connected with massage parlors which also provide sex; hence, be careful and get the spa directly to ask about details of the services.


Some spas provide disposable panties to all those customers that are uncomfortable with complete nudity.

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