6 Top Recommended Best Face Cream For Woman


Woman is such a beautiful creature. The beauty indeed needs a good treatment as well. Therefore, now this article will share you about some best face cream for woman.

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  1. Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Oil Control Lotion

On the first list, here we have the recommended product for you who have oily skin type. This face cream provides good oil control while also maintaining the vitality of your skin at the same time. The superiority of this product is that it contains kaolin as well as glycerin. These two ingredients play the important role in maintaining the pH of skin. In other words, it will help your skin to look glowing while still maintaining the health as well.

Other benefits from this product include the good control of acne or even breakout as well as the ease of getting this product, moreover it comes in very affordable price too. For more, this product is safe even though you are having irritated skin. This face cream can soothe any burns, rashes, or even allergic reactions.

On the contrary, this product also has some cons, which you need to know. First, the fragrance is strong. It might be irritating for people who do not like product with strong scent. Another ons is that there is a possibility of your skin to get whitish if you use this product in excess.

  1. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Moisturizer

The second best face cream for woman has alpha hydroxys as its top ingredient. This ingredient claimed to have the effective work in helping replenish moisture as well as providing a vibrant complexion. This product can help you to have fresh skin with good skin texture. This result is also by the help of AHA, which present in this product. For your information, AHA can also prevent skin damage.

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On the pros side, you will feel that this face cream is so light weight once you apply it on your skin. Moreover, it also gets absorbed easily. This product also gives your skin well hydration. It will not make the skin feel greasy. However, the hydrates feature might not works so satisfying for people who have dry skin type.

  1. L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti Shine Icy Gel

Move to this famous brand, L’Oreal also launched gel specially for your skin need. This gel is rich of minerals, which is good to hydrate your skin. As it also contains deep marine source water, you will not need to worry about the water loss of your skin. This product also put the primary result by using zinc as well as micro-sponge. These ingredients can absorbs the excess sebum in your skin instantly. As the result, you will have matt in long term. You can also get rid of your pores if you use this product regularly. The more you apply this gel on your skin, the more tightened skin you will get.

For more benefits, you will also feel the cooling sensation when you apply this gel. The moisturizing ability is also in the satisfying result. Many people already tried it and have their skin look smoother. Overall, this product is the right choice for oily and combination skin type.

  1. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Combination Skin

As suggested by its name, this product can give good moisturizing feel for your skin. the formula is so lightweight that you will not feel like you use any make up products. Even though this products works in moisturizing skin, people with oily skin type will not get overwhelmed by it since this product has good oil control as well. One special feature this product has is the special oil absorbing Microspong system. Besides that, you will not feel any greasy feeling when you apply this cream too.

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You can also use this product with no more hesitation as it provides non-comedogenic effect. Applying this product will not trigger any clog pores or blackheads in your skin. This product is safe even though you have acne prone skin. The hydrating feature is also in great result. Your skin will absorb the cream easily and only leave matte finish. For the last benefit, this face cream has hypoallergenic feature and it is fragrance free. With all of these benefits, this product is certainly one best face cream for woman, which you need to try.

  1. Lakme Absolute Akin Gloss Gel Crème

Quite the same to L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti Shine Icy Gel this product is rich of minerals. Hence using this product is safe for your skin, as it will give your skin enough hydrating effect. Besides that, this product is also able to give soft supple texture for your skin. talking about the texture of the gel, it comes as a very light weight product. Therefore, your skin will absorb the formula easily and not leaving any residue. For more reason to have this product, it will not cause clog pores.

  1. Seba Med Moisturizing Cream

For the last product, here is the recommendation for you who have sensitive skin type. This product provides soothing vitamin E, which will fight any free radicals. For your information, free radicals are the top cause of premature aging. Moreover, this product also comes with pH value that can stabilize your skin to make it healthier every day.

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On the pros side, this product is non irritating and contains non greasy formula. The vitamin E ingredients is so rich and it completed with balanced pH. The texture is so soft and combined with floral smell for more rejuvenating feeling you can enjoy.

Those are all about the recommendation of best face cream for woman products. Every product has its own pros and cons. Moreover, every woman also has her unique skin type. Therefore, even though one product works well for everyone, there is still possibility that it might not works that well for you. For that reason, it is important to know what kind of skin type you have to make sure that you will not buy the wrong product.

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