7 Female Skin Treatment Tips from Dermatologist


Healthy and beautiful skin can be achieved by applying Best skin treatment. Using best skin care product is necessary. But, you also need to know how to do the treatment.

Use Right Cleanser Product

According to Dr. Ava Shamban, a dermatologist from Santa Monica, you need to use cleanser that match with your skin type. For you who have oily or you have acne problem, use the salicylic gel or benzoyl peroxide type cleanser. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, which usually is caused by aging, you can use glycolic or milky cleanser. If you have skin with melasma problem or brown spot, you may need to use different product, such as alpha hydroxy acid cleanser. Just make sure, you ask your dermatologist or doctor, before buying and applying the product. Make sure you get and use the safest product for your skin type. They also can help you to choose the right brand for you.

Drink Right Water

The most important care for your face is keeping it moisturized. You can do this by drinking enough water every day. In fact, this is the Best skin treatment you can do, which is also safer and healthier.  So, what does right water means here? The right water here is the type of liquid that will give you more benefits in keeping your skin healthy, free from acne and beautiful.

According to Joanna Vargas, a skincare facialist from NYC, there is specific beverage you can take to get the maximum effect on your skin. She said the best drink you can take is chlorophyll drink. You can take a shot of this drink every morning. By taking it regularly, it can help you to make your skin brighter. It also can oxygenate and hydrate your skin, which is important thing in your skin treatment. Other magnificent effect of having chlorophyll every morning is for your skin wrinkles and cellulite. This drink can stimulate the lymphatic system to make your skin rejuvenate and remove the cellulite naturally.

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The problem here is the taste. Some of people maybe can’t stand with bitter and vegetable-like taste, and chlorophyll shot has that kind of taste. If you also can’t stand with it, you can always choose the alternative, which is chlorophyll supplement. Other than chlorophyll drink, Joanna also advises you to take vegetable and fruit juice every day. You will see the best effect in just few days, if you do it regularly. You will get beautiful skin like what you want.

Maintain Your Healthy Diet

The cause of skin problem is when it loses its moisture, just like mentioned before. When your skin loses its moisture, it won’t be able to keep its skin cell wall. This will become the cause of wrinkles and acne. However, in normal case, your skin has its own system that can keep the moisture. And, to make the system or barrier work well, your skin will need Omega-3 fatty acid. Therefore, Joanna advices you to have food and diet that consist of lot of Omega-3. The best choice is flax seed. Add it in your salad, and you will get more Omega-3 which is needed to keep the moisture. You also can eat walnuts as snack to get the same effect. Other than that, you also need to keep your diet menu away from food with high glycemic index. For carbohydrate, choose food that has complex carbohydrate.

Moisturize Your Skin Routinely

Best skin treatment you also need to do is moisturizing your skin. Even though your skin has natural ability to keep its moisture, you may need to use moisturizer product. Dr. Janet Prystowsky recommends using it every day. According to this dermatologist from NYC, the best way to use moisturizer is after take shower and before you go to bed. And, in order to do this, she also advice gentle type moisturizer, so you can use it every day without having skin irritation.

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Don’t Use Too Many Products

This is also important thing you should remember. Do not use too many different products. Once you find best product that match with your skin condition, do not change it. If you change product too often, your skin will be exposed by many different chemical formula, so it will only damage it. When it happen, it will only give you more clogged pores which will lead to acne breakout.

Deal With the Sun

Sunlight is the main enemy for your skin. Therefore, you must protect your skin from it. With the current atmosphere condition, where the ozone layer has become thinner compared to the past, the radiation from sunlight has become stronger. Therefore, if it shines on your skin, it will start skin problem. The solution is simple. To protect your skin, you just need to use sunscreen.

According to Dr. Debbie Palmer, a dermatologist from New York, sun protection cream like this is important thing to use whether you are having activities directly under the sun or not. So, even if you want to go out by driving your car, the radiation still can affect your skin. Therefore use the sunscreen product. The best sunscreen for protection is the broad-spectrum sunscreen. Choose product with SPF 30 or higher. And, once you use it, you may need to use it again 2 hours later. You also need to use other protection, such as hat or long sleeves clothes or pants. Combine them with right sunscreen; you will be saved from negative effect of sunlight.

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Exfoliating Every Week

Dr. Gohara, a dermatologist, also advise you to use exfoliate product to remove the dead skin cell. The dead skin cell will be the place where bacteria grow. Remove it only once a week, because this product is quite strong. It can cause irritation on your skin. The best exfoliator is the product that has pH neutral. This kind of product won’t make your skin dry, after you use it. To get Best skin treatment result, you need to apply it, not only to your face, but also on your body skin.

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