7 Ways to Choose Best Female Skin Care Product


How to use skin care? Skin care products are common products which could easily be found anywhere nowadays. Especially skin care products for women. There are many variations of it because of its high demands on the market. Starting from the cheap one to the very expensive types of skin care products. With current technology, the skin care products also varied starting from the face or body creams, moisturizers, facial wash, and almost anything that a woman could hope to think of. However, in this article, we would not be discussing on the variations of the market but on how to use the skin care products.

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The reason for using Skin Care Products Samples

Usually Skin care samples are provided for the buyers for free in order to attract the customers into buying the skin care products. The samples could be found anywhere on the supermarket, mall, or cosmetics store. It is also recommended for you to try the samples of the skin care products first before you decide to purchase it. The reason is not only for you to see the quality of the products and save your money, but also to check whether the skin care product is causing you any health problems or allergy. It does not guarantee you that the expensive skin care products would be always be a better product than the cheaper one. And obviously it also does not guarantee you that the expensive products would always match your skin because every humans are unique. It would surely be a total waste of money on the expensive skin care products if it does not match your skin and causing you harm by using it.

Using Skin Care Products

Even though we all know that using the cosmetics products excessively is not good for your skin. But still people and especially woman keep using it despite of its risks. The reason for it is because “Looks” is so important to a woman that they even could put their own skin health behind their looks. Therefore the request for the skin care products are always high eternally on the market. So, what should one do to avoid or prevent damages but still using the cosmetic products? The first step which you could do is Routine cleansing regimen of your skin. It is also essential for you to moisturizing it every single day without skipping it a single day. Treat this cleansing and moisturizing routine activities as your daily eating activity to keep your skin cleansed and treated every day. You would also need to have it exfoliated and toned occasionally or whenever it is necessary. Having the knowledge of your skin types and “Skin Care” products would aid you in choosing which skin care products matches best for you.

The steps of using the Skin Care Products

In order to use the skin care products, you would need to figure the right sequence of applying the skin care products. Having the right sequence of applying the products would help maximizing the efficiency of the skin care products. The right sequence of applying it would be to differentiate your products from the thin to the thickest products. The first tip for you to know about is that the moisturizer is the heaviest or thickest one. Therefore the moisturizer should be the last for you to apply it. You would also need to keep in mind about the layering. It is based on the layering that how effective the product is going to be. To make it easier for you to understand about the sequence order of layering, here are the recommended sequence for you in using the skin care products:

  1. Skin Cleanser Products
  • Start off your routine skin care in the morning by gentle cleansing. In the morning, the skin did not require much cleansing therefore just a couple splash of clean water is necessarily enough in the morning. But if you still want to use the cleanser product, then try to find a product which offer gentle and perfect cleansing in the morning.
  1. Toner
  • The second product you would like to apply would be the toner after the cleanser. After a day of tiring activities at work, you would need more than a cleanser to take care of your skin. The next one would be the toner. With the aid of a toner, all the dirts and oils could be thoroughly taken care of. However, keep in mind to avoid the harsh cleanser which contain alcohol.
  1. Serum
  • After applying the toner, try to apply the serum for any uneven skin, fine lines, and other skin problem areas. This might not be an essential step but it might be one of a great step for a skin problem
  1. SPF Moisturizer
  • The next step would be applying the moisturizer to your skin. Regardless of your skin type, moisturizer is always necessary for your skin.
  1. Cream
  • Cream is necessary to reduce or remove the excessive oil on your skin. There is night cream and morning cream to absorb your skin overtime and allowed for the super hydrating of your skin. There is also an eye cream for the skin around your eye. Remember to use the eye cream because the skin around your eye is different from the area around your face. Add the eye cream after you apply the morning or the night cream.
  1. Facial Oil
  • This step would be optional for each person. If you are a person with dry skin, then it would be recommended for you to apply the facial oil. Facial oil is necessary for those people with dry skin. Using the oils frequently would surely improve the skin state overtime.
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These are all the recommended steps for you to follow in order for you to maximize the efficiency of the skin care products you use. Also remember not to use excessive amount for each of the products. Hopefully by reading this short article, you would get a better understanding on how to use skin care products.

Women are often confused or do mistakes in choosing the best skin care product. The skin care product is used to maintain hygiene and skin health. Regardless of skin color and type, hygiene and health are the main things that should really get special attention. Why? As part of the outer body, skin is one of the main things that will get the attention of others.

As one part of the body seen by others, every woman would want to have beautiful skin, clean and fascinating. By having a clean and healthy kiln, you will certainly look more beautiful and will increase your confidence for daily activities.

Tips on choosing a safe skin care product

The number of products that circulate in the market to make us more confused in choosing. In addition to confused choosing, consumers are also afraid of the number of skin care products that contain harmful substances. Consumers should know some of the characteristics of harmful skin care products. The characteristics as follows:

1      Avoid skincare cream with shiny colors

Beware of skin care creams that enhance glossy and slippery marks on the skin. A good skin care cream does not leave any marks.

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2      Sticky

Dangerous skin care cream usually sticky because in the process of making the cream is usually mixed with powder. In addition to stickiness, some research done on harmful skin care cream shows the presence of water / oil on the surface of the cream.

3      Strong scent

Hazardous products containing mercury usually have a stinging metal odor. To cover the smell of the metal is usually producers of illegal beauty products will give a lot of perfume and sting to disguise the smell of metal from mercury.

4      Heat and Stain

Dangerous products are usually uncomfortable when worn. The product can cause itching and even itching. When this reaction occurs immediately discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

5      Red Skin When Exposed to Sunlight

The skin has a network that protects the lower part because of sunlight so that the skin will not hurt or sore when exposed to sun exposure. Due to the use of harmful products, the skin will feel sore and sore when exposed to sun exposure. This happens because the skin layer that protects us has been damaged by the hazardous materials contained in the product.

6      Pale White Skin

Many women want to have white skin. Currently there are many skin whitening products that can be obtained easily. Normal white skin is bright and not pale. Bleach is harmful will give the white effect is pale even some cases indicate a change of skin color to the grayish.

7      Dependency

Some women complain that something is wrong with their skin when discontinuing the use of certain care products. The skin will become dry and dull, but the skin will return “normal” when using the product.

Know the content of the material and its legality

This is very important because by knowing the material contained in the products we choose then we will know whether what we use is a safe or not. Make sure that there are no harmful chemicals contained in the treatment products such as petroleum, mercury, parabens, triclosan, propylene, glycol, and phthalates. To ensure skin safety, you should use facial care products with natural ingredients.

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With you paying attention to the composition you can know if the product is harmful to use or not. One of the most dangerous and often used ingredients is mercury. Indeed, such materials are often used in facial care products but if levels exceed the limit of course will be dangerous for you as users.

Mercury is also gradually actually make your skin blackened. Instead of getting a smooth white skin, the material will damage the skin and may cause serious health issues for long term use. Another ingredient that is also harmful and often used in skin whitening cream is hydroquinone. This material is as dangerous as mercury, because long-term use will cause skin cancer. Hydroquinone is able to inhibit the production of melanin, but this one chemical substance is considered very strong reactions so it is very dangerous for the skin. So, it can be ascertained in good whitening cream and fast and safe does not contain the chemicals above.

The number of care products requires you to be more careful in choosing and buying the product. A good facial care product should have a license from the drug and food regulatory authorities. Permission from the authorities indicates the content of the material present in the product is safe and harmless.

Look at the product packaging to know the production permit and product quality. And the most important thing is to check the expiration date of the product. Certainly, this is the most important in determining facial care products.

Recognize your skin type

Everyone has different skin types so that between one person and another person is not necessarily the same. Recognizing skin type is the most important thing in determining a safe and suitable product for skin and safe. By recognizing skin types, we can determine what treatments will indeed have a positive impact on your skin’s development.

In order not to feel cheated, you should do research in advance if you want to buy it. Do not let you be a guinea pig. We recommend that you choose products that have proven to satisfy its users. Usually a product that has long been used by the community will determine the quality of the product.

If you do not recognize your skin type, then you may be wrong in choosing skin care products; instead of beautifying it will even cause health problems on your skin and body. We recommend you visit the nearest dermatologist. Consult your complaints and ask your skin’s character what it looks like. You also have to make sure if the best skin care product you use matches your skin type and must also be safe so as not to cause various skin problems.

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