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A very dry skin will look sore, red, and sometimes flaky. This condition makes many women spend their money to buy various skin care products which are claimed to be specially made for dry skin. The problem is: will those products effectively solve the dry skin problems?

How to deal with dry skin problems

Buying so many products is actually not enough to effectively help you in dealing with your dry skin problems. Something that is more important to do is continuously following the appropriate skin care routine to maintain your skin health. The dailyskin care routine for dry skin is expected to help your skin from the inside as well as from the outside. Generally speaking, there are three main parts of daily routine to maintain the beauty of your skin, they are:

  1. Morning treatment
  2. During-the day routine
  3. Night ritual

Morning treatment

The first thing to do in order to prevent your skin from drying is by doing the proper morning treatment before you start the day. Firstly, it will be good to refresh your skin by giving it a little bit splash of water. The water can be fresh or warm. This ritual will definitely freshen your skin up. However, you should remember that splashing your skin with cold water is not suggested, because it can constrict your skin’s  pores.

After your skin becomes fresh, you can use a cleanser which is specially made for dry skin. Apply the cleanser to your face by gently massaging it for more or less one minute. Then, you can rinse the product off of your skin with warm water.

Next is the time for moisturizing your dry skin. Before doing it, you should firstly use a proper toner product to your skin. After that, apply the moisturizer to your face by massaging it gently in circular motion. Do not use too much product. You just need a very thin layer of it to moisture your skin. Let the product seep into your skin for about five minutes. If you do not want to go anywhere, then this morning ritual is enough, but if you want to step outside or do some activities under the sun, then you will need an extra protection to your skin.

You can apply your sunscreen or day cream product to protect your skin from damaging. By applying the product, your skin will be hydrated during the day and protected from the ultraviolet effects. As we know, UV rays can harm your skin, drying it out, accelerate the aging process of your skin, and can even cause skin cancer.

During-the-day routine

The next part of the skin care routine for dry skin is the during-the-day routine. Taking care of your dry skin during the day is very essential. You can go to the bathroom during the morning break to reapply a little bit moisturizer that you use in the morning. If it is needed, you can also reapply your lip balm, because hydrating your lips is also important.

Another important thing that you should not forget is drinking water frequently. Consuming water will also help to naturally hydrate your skin from the inside. Besides, it will maintain your health as well. Not only should you drink enough amount of water, but you also should consume healthy food during lunch time. There are many healthy menu that you can try, including vegetable soup, yogurt, or fresh fruits.

After lunch, do not forget to take care of your skin once more. You can simply do it by using a sheet of wet tissue to remove the sweat and dirt from your skin. After you feel fresh, you can reapply a thin layer of moisturizer once again. Always remember that you still need to drink a lot of water during the day, especially during the busy day.

Night ritual

It is good to take care of your skin during the day, especially when you have to do the outdoor activities. However, it is also very important to clean and take care of your skin before you go to bed. Read the following tips on how to treat your skin before going to sleep at night.

It is okay for you to have a supper, as long as it is a healthy. A glass of milk with fruits sounds delicious, but also good for your body and skin. Try to avoid any food with high calories or fat for supper.

Next, you should do the third part of skin care routine for dry skin by firstly wash your tired and dirty skin. You can wash it with warm water, but remember not to rub it recklessly. Instead, you should splash the water to your face. In order to clean the dirt and oil, you can use the proper makeup remover for dry skin. After that, cleansing is the next thing that you have to do to completely remove the dirt and makeup from your skin.

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It is not over yet, because you still need to apply your moisturizer or night cream to give nutrition to your skin and to hydrate your skin when you are sleeping. This ritual will help you nourish your dry skin so that you can get a very gentle, smooth, and supple skin when you wake up in the next morning.

One thing that you should always remember is keeping a glass or a bottle of water near you. So that you can easily reach it and take one or two sips of water everytime you wake up during the night, or in the morning.

Those are the tips on maintaining your skin health by doing a properskin care routine for dry skin. If you want to have a natural healthy skin from the inside and out, you should consistently do the daily routine as suggested. We also suggest you to frequently switch your towel or washcloth. Using a clean towel will help you to prevent the irritation caused by bacteria. We hope that the skin care routine for dry skinthat we recommend can help you a lot in hydrating your skin and maintaining your skin health. Give it a try and good luck!

Basic Skin Care You Can Do Every Day for Treating Dry Skin

Dry skin is definitely a problem. So, to deal with it, you need to develop right Basic skin care routine for dry skin. Here are how to do that.

Morning Care

For morning, here is what you can do:

  • Wash your face with warm water. It will freshen it up as well as make your skin pores open.

  • Then, use moisturizer. Choose the product that is made especially for dry and sensitive skin. And, for safety, you need to choose the natural or organic product. Without chemical inside, you can use it every day without worry. When you use this gentle type moisturizer, you need to use it gently. While using it, massage your skin, so it will really keep your dry skin soft and moisture. Follow the instruction for using the product, and then wash it with warm water, to add more freshness.

  • Next, you can use toner. Toner can help the moisturizer that you used before to be absorbed by your skin. Therefore, the moisturizing effect will be shown. Or, if you don’t have toner or usually you don’t use it, you can change it with rose water.

  • You also can use your own treatment product at this point. Cream or other product that you can use to patch your dry skin area can be used here. Just use it thinly, and like previous moisturizer, massage your skin with it. Use circular motions to massage it, so it will be spread evenly.

  • Next, you can use cream to protect your skin from sun. You can do this; if you plan t have outdoor activities. However, if you want to keep at home, you don’t need to use it. Choose the sun cream that also has moisturizing effect. Basically, what you need to do to start your day with your dry skin is keeping your skin moisturized.

  • After you apply all of those steps, now you can start to do some makeup. Just use foundation and you can apply makeup for dry skin that you use.

Day Care

The Basic skin care routine at noon maybe is the most important thing you need to do. It’s because, this is the time when your skin has been exposed by many things, which can cause some problem, if you don’t treat it. For you who have dry skin, you can do few of this treatment.

  • When you have a noon break, apply for moisturizer. Use the gentle moisturizer that you used in the morning. Apply it thinly, just to keep your skin moisturized. However, it doesn’t means you have to do this, every noon. You also need to see your skin condition before you apply it. If it still feels moisturized, you don’t need to use it.

  • Next is the time for rehydrating your body. Therefore, drink enough water. You can do it along with your lunch time. More than that, you also need to eat healthy food especially that has lot of Vitamins and water inside. Fruits like melon or papaya, or vegetable like carrot and cabbage are good choice for this. Just make sure you eat balance menu during your afternoon break.

  • Then, before you go back to your activities (school or work), you can also apply for moisturizer to make your dry skin last until the end of the day.

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Night Care (Before Going to Bed)

Night Basic skin care routine is also important, because when you sleep, this is the time when your body recovers its condition. If you can maximize this phase, you also can deal with your dry skin perfectly. So, here is what you should do for your night skin care routine for dry skin.

  • First, start by taking healthy supper. You can choose milk and strawberries. This is quite fulfilling as well as healthy.

  • Next, like the first thing you need to do in the morning, wash your face with warm water. You don’t need to wash it to clean your make up. Just make your face wet or moisturized. Then, apply for makeup cleanser for dry or sensitive skin.

  • Massage your skin when you use the cleanser, so the effect will be doubled.

  • Next, use night cream, if you have one or usually use it. But, if you don’t have it, you don’t need to do it.

  • Then, just go to bed for sleep. And, make sure you have water in your reach, because you may need to rehydrate in the middle of the night. This is also important for keeping your skin moisturized.

Weekly Care

All treatment that was explained above can be done every day. And, they are also easy to do every day without problem. But, you also need to do another weekly treatment to take care your dry skin. Here are some of them.

  • Skin Exfoliator

Removing dead skin cells is important, to avoid skin health problem in the future. Unfortunately, if you have dry skin, you will have lot of this dead skin. Therefore, use exfoliator product that isn’t too strong and made of natural ingredient for this need. Remember, dry skin has more sensitivity than normal skin, which can be damaged, if you use the stronger product. Do this once a week.

  • Face Mask

Face mask is the best way to moisturizing your dry skin. And the effect compared to moisturizer product or food is much faster. You also need to do this weekly. There are many types of face mask you can choose, such as banana, milk, honey and other. Just choose the natural face mask and the one that you like. The good thing about face mask is you can make it at your home using many ingredients from your kitchen. Just make sure you make it correctly, so it safe to use.

So, those were Basic skin care routine that you can use for your dry skin. Of course, what the most important thing to do here is live healthier. If you live using healthier lifestyle, it will also affect your skin as well.

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Everything That You Need to Know about Dry Skin and Daily Skin Care Routine to Treat It

Using Daily skin care routine to treat your dry skin is important. Therefore, you need to know everything about it before apply the care. So, let’s start.

What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is condition where your skin has lack of water in its epidermis layer. When it happen, your skin will lose its elasticity and it end up become cracked or wrinkled. This condition can happen to anyone, male or females. Because of this condition, it’s important to have Daily skin care routine in your everyday activities list.

Without daily care, you are prone to have many skin diseases. Unfortunately, most of people today have this kind of disease. And, it occurs on many different parts of their body. It’s not only the face. But, you also can face similar problem on ankle, legs, back, arm and many other part of your body. It you don’t give it proper care and keep it that way for long time, it will be difficult to treat it later.

What Cause of Dry Skin

Like mentioned earlier, the cause of dry skin is the lack of water in your skin epidermis layer. But, what make it only has less water? There are two factors that cause it, the internal and external factors. The internal factors are like genetics factor. If your family has history for skin problem, such as atopic dermatitis, you will have higher chance to get dry skin problem.

The other cause is medication. Some of medicine has side effect that can dry your skin. For example, drug for controlling your cholesterol level, blood pressure or acne, can cause this problem. Then, your body condition also has big effect on giving you dry skin. For example, if you have thyroid problem, you will have higher chance to get the problem. All of these problems can’t be solve with simple skin care. You may need to seek for help from doctor to know the right treatment to solve the internal cause, which will make the treatment for dry skin easy to do.

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The external factors usually come from weather or your daily activity. For example, in winter, when the humidity level is low and the temperature is cold, people will have dry skin more often. Your daily activity like take a shower also has big effect. Yes, shower will add moisture in your skin. However, the evaporation of water after you take shower will cause dry skin. This is because there is too much natural oil that was removed from your skin when you take shower. This condition also usually caused by the type of soap that you use. Usually, if you use stronger or harsher soap, it will remove more oil and give you dry skin.

The Skin Care Routine You Can Use

Now, after you know few things about the problem, you can do the skin care for your dry skin. Here are some of tips for Daily skin care routine you need to know.

  • Cleanse

This is important step you need to do every day for your dry skin. You can use soap-free and fragrance-free product for this. Make it as your daily routine that you do before you go to bed. Then, after you apply the cleanser product, wash it clean with cool water.

  • Moisturize

Moisturizer is important product you must use every day for treating your dry skin. At least, you need to use it thrice a day. However, because you will use it that much, makes sure choose product that safe for your skin. Dry skin is similar to sensitive skin. When you use moisturizer, you can keep 30% of your skin moisture.

  • Facial Mask

Using facial mask is also important thing to do. You can use many different natural facial masks. After you apply it, let it dry then rinse it with cool water.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin is also important thing to keep your skin free from dead skin cell. Therefore, it will make your skin naturally produced oil to keep its moisture easily.

  • Keep Your Natural Oil

Dry skin also is caused by losing too much natural oil in your skin. It usually happens because of your daily activity. The best way to keep your natural oil is:

    • Use soap with moisturizer,

    • Close bathroom door when you take shower,

    • Use warm water,

    • Take shower only for 10 minutes. More than that, you will lose more oil,

    • When you dry your body, do not scrub it with towel, but pat it gently.

  • Sun Protection

Use lotion to protect your skin from sun. Use the product with SPF 30+. And of course, wearing hat or other attire to prevent sunlight shine directly to your skin is also important.

  • Facing the Winters

Use moisturizing cream regularly on cold weather or season. If you forget to do that, your skin will be easier to get dry.

  • Hot Weather

On summer, your sweat glands will produce more sweat. This will make your skin moisturized. However, when there is too much sweat, it also can cause dry skin. Therefore, do not forget to have enough water on this season.

Prevention for Dry Skin Problem

Of course, using right Daily skin care routine can help you to solve your dry skin problem. However, it would be better, if you prevent the problem, before it comes to you. What you need to do?

  • Have enough water every day,

  • Use natural skin care product in your daily skin care routine,

  • Use mineral water to wash your skin and body,

  • Eat fish, flax seed and other food that rich of Vitamin E,

  • Always use lukewarm water, when you take shower or bathe. Do not use hot water, because it will only remove more oil from your skin,

  • Control humidity level in your house. Use humidifier to do this.

That what you need to know about dry skin and what you need to do in your skin care routine every day. If you can do that correctly, you will be freed from dry skin problem. And of course, you also get better appearance.

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