Best Make up For Women Over 50


Today, this article will share you about the best make up for women over 50. To be more precise, our discussion today will be about the tips and your grandma product , LOL.

For the first, we will start from the tips on how to have the best make up even though you are already over 50.

Healthy skin is the best make up

When you have healthy and fine skin, then it is enough for you to go out everywhere even if you do not put any make up. If you are not confident enough, you can apply a little make up. the most important, which you need to always remember is that, you should let your skin well hydrated when you put any products of make up such as primer, foundation, moisturizer, concealer, etc. Hydrated make up will help the skin to breathe easily. Besides that, always give enough moisture to your skin will also makes your performance great from day to day.

If you have flaky and dry skin, you need to know that you cannot apply foundation right away. First, you need to have daily exfoliation. You can do it by using facial scrub or even using coconut oil and dip washcloth in it.

Daily routine you should have

To keep your skin healthy as your age keep increasing, you also need to make sure that your face is clean from any make up before you go to bed. It is one important key to get the best make up for women over 50. On the other hand, if you do not want to live with wrinkles or sunspots, you need to cover your hands, neck and face from the sun. It is also recommended to always use sunscreen every time you have outdoor activity. However, if you already have winkles or fine lines, it means that you will need other treatment. What is it? Find it on the following make up hacks.

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Make up hacks

Do not get yourself tricked. There is no lotion or potion, which capable on making wrinkles and fine line disappear. One trick to overcome it is by slathering on moisturizer then followed by applying foundation and concelaer. This way will help you to plump up your skin, even though it is just temporary.

The next is about lips. As a woman get older, it is common that the lips will seem thinner. If you face the same problem as well, you can use lip gloss to plump your lips up. For better result, you can also have a lip liner or certain lipstick, which is 2 level darker than your natural lip color, after that followed by using a dab of gloss on your lips. You will se how pleasing the result is.

Now, after knowing about the tips and hacks, it is also important for women over 50 to know the right products to use. As the skin is not in the same condition to when still young, it will be advantageous to use the right products. Here they are.

The right product to have best make up for women over 50

  1. Primer

To begin with, let’s start with one make up you always need to have. Primer is important as it can make the skin look smoother instantly. It does not matter whether your skin has uneven tone or any other skin problem, applying primer before any other make up products will give you great difference. One recommendation of primer for women over 50 is Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance. The quality is very good and it will not emptying your wallet as well.

  1. Change your powder foundation

Powder foundation sometimes gives too drying skin. Besides that, some people also feel that their skin even get more dullness while their wrinkles showed up for more. If you ever felt this experience or do not want to have one, then it is recommended to have liquid foundation instead. Liquid foundation is able to give you fresh look. The luminous finishing will also add the beauty of yourself. One best product you can try is the Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation. The cost is around $52. Even though it is a little bit high, but the result will not disappoint you.

  1. Concelaer

It is common fact when primer or foundation only is not enough to give well coverage for the skin. in this case, many women then make use the great effect of concelaer. For a hint, you need to apply concelaer, which has the same shade as your skin tone, if you want to get the best result. Apply it along your eyes’ inner corners then blend it three quarters of the way out. You can stop before you reach your fine lines. If you are looking for the best concelaer, the CoverGirl + Olay Eye Rehab Concelaer is worth to try. Moreover, it also comes in a real cheap price. Only by preparing $9, you can have this magical make up product.

  1. Combination to your lip gloss

As we already explained in the previous point (of make up hacks), lip gloss is important to make the lips look plump. However, when lip gloss gives the result of too wet and glittery look, you can also use lipstick on several occasions. One best lipstick you can try is the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick. It priced only around $25.

  1. Blush

Some people choose to use bronzer as the blush. However, the more a women age, the more color of the skin will lose. To make a good look, it is recommended to choose a shade of warm and soft pink color. You can have fresh look by trying the L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Color Lift Blush in Pink Lift. Yu can have this product only by preparing about $13.

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Those are all about the tips as well as products you can have if you are looking for best make up for women over 50. Hopefully, this guide can help you to have beautiful and fresh look in your age.



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