Easy ways to Have Effective Face Care Routine for Acne Prone Skin


Knowing only best product for skin treatment isn’t enough to free you from acne. You also need to know the Face care routine you can do. Here they are.

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Cleanse Your Face Correctly

The main reason why your face cream won’t have any effect is you do the cleansing process wrongly. Therefore, even though you use the cream, there is still makeup and dirt left in your face pores. In fact, by using cream, you will block this unwanted substance to be cleaned. Therefore, it will become best place for bacteria to grow, which can cause acne problem in the end. You also need to do several times, if you have outdoor activity, where your skin gets dirty and your body product lot of sweats. You may need to do it twice, when you cleanse at night.

How can we do it correctly? You just need to apply for cleanser gently. Use your fingertips or cloth to spread it all over your face evenly. Apply it on your jawline, front and behind the ears, as well as your neck. Make sure, you choose soft type cloth. Avoid using rough scrubbing pads, because it will only damage your skin. You need to know, if you are women with acne problem, your skin is mostly sensitive skin. The damage will cause inflammation and it will become the trigger for acne problem.

Choose Cleanse Product Correctly

Choosing right product, not only the best one, is also important. The right product for your skin treatment is product with salicylic acid. Or, if you can’t find that, you also can choose product that has benzoyl peroxide inside. This will help you a lot, when you have acne problem. Put it in your Face care routine, and you are okay. On the other hand, if you have already taken acne medication, you may need to change to milder type cleanser.

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Use Toner or Astringent

The main cause of acne problem is when your skin pores are blocked by sebum or natural oil that your skin produced to keep its moisture. Usually, it can only happen, if your skin is dirty and the dirt mixed with oil and block it. So, the solution here is removing that excess oil.

To remove the excess oil, use toner or astringents. It’s simple to use. You just need to use it with cotton ball and apply it on your neck or face to remove the makeup and oil. For you who have oily skin type, you will have bigger chance to get acne problem. For this one, you can use astringents. This is the best way to remove your excess oil.

One more important thing is when you choose the toner or astringent product; make sure you pay attention on its alcohol level. Alcohol in this product can produce allergic effect on your sensitive skin. So, if you have dry and sensitive skin, it would be better, if you choose alcohol-free product. Alcohol will only irritate your skin, when it touches the open pimples. In the end, if you use strong acne medicine that can make your pimple dry, like isotretinoin or topical retinoids, you may need to stop using toner. It’s okay, even if you don’t use it.

Applying Acne Treatment Medications

Next step on your Face care routine is applying the medication. You can only do this, if you have clean your face and applied tone has dried. Just follow the instruction how to use your medication. If you have problem with this, you can always ask your dermatologist or doctor to find the solution.

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Use Oil-Free Moisturizer

After medication for your acne, what you need to do next is applying oil-free moisturizer. Some of medication maybe recommends your skin to dry, so it also can dry the acne as well, so it can be cured faster. However, this condition can cause some inflammation on your skin after that. Therefore, it’s good idea to reduce your dry skin condition by using moisturizer. Use the mild one, so it won’t affect your medication.

We recommended an oil-free moisturizer because this won’t make your skin feel greasy. And, this will be easier to absorb and won’t make your acne got worse. Or, you also can use the moisturizing gels or lotion. This one is lighter than face cream with milder effect. And one more important thing, choose moisturizer that has non comedogenic. It won’t stay in your pores, which can worsen your acne problem.

What You Should Remember

Although there are many best face cream that has great effect, we would recommend you to use the simple one. That means you don’t need buy the most expensive product to get the face care. What is the most important thing in Face care routine is doing it regularly. Consistently applying the treatment will give you best result that you want. On the other hand, if you only do it rarely, your acne break will be come over and over.

Doing the treatment regularly is actually easy to do. Every treatment or face care routine steps only need few minutes. Therefore, you don’t need to take too much time when you do this. So, there is no reason for being too lazy or busy to treat your face. With best face treatment product as well as easy face care routine, you will be able to make your face skin free from acne as well as make your skin healthier.

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The other important thing is your diet and lifestyle. Eating healthy foods will help your body to deal with acne problem. Eat food that has lot of Vitamin C and E. Other than foods, you also need to have enough rest. When you sleep, your body will be able to boost its regeneration power. More than that, you also need to have routine workout. It will boost your body metabolism. This will help your body to fight bacteria that cause acne and prevent some of damage on your face skin cell, which keeps it away from dark spot on your skin.

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