How to Select Best Anti Aging Product


Every woman would want to always look beautiful and youthful. Unfortunately, age shifts often add fine lines to the face and make the production of collagen increasingly sluggish. How to solve it? Here’s how to choose best anti aging skin care to keep your face elastic!

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How to choose perfect anti aging product for women ?

Symptoms of premature aging can appear anytime, even when age is still 20-an. Some of the main features are the black spots on the face, fine lines, and dull skin. If you have this, anti aging treatment should start a priority. You can start by using anti aging cream. But how do I choose the most suitable anti-aging cream?

  1. Choose which contain exfoliating agent

Exfoliation aka exfoliation of dead skin cells is essential for skin youthfulness. So as much as possible choose anti aging cream containing exfoliating agent, such as AHA or lactic acid.

  1. Choose one that contains a high SPF

For anti-aging creams used in the morning and afternoon, preferably select those containing high SPF. Sunscreen is very important to prevent ultraviolet rays that can cause symptoms of premature aging of skin cells.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF in a solar protective product will tell you how well the product is in protecting your skin from sunburn. The SPF number is the determinant of how long you can be in the sun without burning during use of the product. If your skin is usually sunburned in 10 minutes if you do not wear a protective cream, and you use SPF 30, then this cream will protect you from sun exposure for 300 minutes. Etc.

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The higher the SPF number does not indicate how strong the protection the product provides. SPF10 protects you from the sun as well as SPF15 or SPF 50 though. A high SPF level will block more UVB, but does not provide 100% protection against the risk of burnt skin. However, high SPF products are able to provide better protection against the risk of long-term skin damage, such as skin cancer.

  1. Choose one that contains moisturizer

A good facial cream of course should contain moisturizer. Because the skin is well hydrated premises will be more elastic and healthy. So make sure the anti aging cream you choose contains enough moisturizer.

  1. Choose which contain antioxidants

Antioxidants help to restore and prevent skin damage due to environmental factors. Therefore, choose anti-aging products equipped with antioxidants, such as vitamin C, green tea extract, and retinol. Research shows, antioxidants proved able to help stabilize some free radical molecules that develop in the skin tissue, forming natural collagen, and produce elastin to keep skin supple.

  1. Select the appropriate age

Different ages require different types of treatments. So make sure the anti aging cream of your choice matches your age. In the 20s generally skin only needs basic protection from symptoms of premature aging. While in the 30s skin needs an anti-aging product that can maintain elasticity.

Best time to use the anti aging products

Cream anti-aging is said to help women prevent premature aging. The results of research experts developed in a product are quite effective, if the cream is applied to the night cream. The skin regenerates three times faster at night than in the daytime. For this reason, most quality anti-aging products offer anti-aging benefits to night cream. While the morning cream, offer more moisturizing benefits.

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What can be done to improve the effectiveness of night cream? You certainly can not rely on your anti aging care only on the products you buy. In addition to using anti-aging products, you also have to do some things so you can get optimal results.

The first is, always clean the face before going to bed regularly. Leaving behind makeup will make the skin more soluble in the problem. Even your night cream will not work well if you are lazy to clean your face from makeup.

The second is, do not mutter the night cream. Consult with experts, which cream suits your skin. Trying different night creams will actually make the skin network so confused even to the point of irritation to damage. The third, besides using night cream, make sure in the morning you use adequate sun protection. Consume adequate mineral water and stay away from nicotine.

Chanel Le Lift Crème

Apparently using skin care anti-aging does not need to wait until the wrinkles appear, stains, and black spots start popping up on the face. So it would be better if since entering the age of 20 years and over, you need to use anti-aging products to prevent the emergence of signs of aging. We can apply anti-aging skincare every day, especially at night, when the skin absorbs all the nutrients from the night cream you use.

But what kind of anti-aging cream does it work for? Well, you can use an anti-aging cream that not only nourishes the skin, but also stimulates optimal cell formation. So, by the age of 30, your skin will look young. Here are some anti aging recommendations you can use.

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This product is claimed to improve skin nutrition, as well as stimulate the formation of new skin cells. Not only that, the night cream also helps to fade black spots, fine lines, and wrinkles on the skin. Chanel Le Lift Crème contains vitamin E, resveratrol, peptide and 5 botanical extracts to help protect skin from free radicals, reduce signs of aging, and moisturize the skin.

Unlike other anti-aging creams that have creamy and rich formulas, the texture is light to make this product comfortable to use and can seep quickly into the skin. Remarkably, the formulation of the cream leaves little oily taste. Therefore, the night cream is also suitable for oily skin owners. In addition, the active ingredients contained in this serum help protect the most valuable skin cell cells and slow down premature aging. This product you can buy in every Chanel stores around the world. This best anti aging skin care serum sells for $ 165.

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